5.5 oz / 155 gm

  • Deeply cleanses and purges impurities from excess oil production and pollution
  • Recommended for congested, acne prone skin 
  • Red Moroccan clay draws out toxins 
  • 12 Lymphatic cleansing herbal extracts detoxify skin 
  • Vitamins E and B3 soothe and nourish 
  • Lavender and Rosewood essential oils                                                                                                       

Escape the harmful effects of free radicals, excess oil production and daily life by applying this detoxifying mask weekly. Detoxifying botanical extracts combined with highly mineralized Red Moroccan clay, vitamins, and essential oils purge toxins, reduce oiliness and product buildup from your skin while enhancing lymphatic circulation. A popular product for acne prone or congested skin from environmental pollution; when used regularly this detoxifying mask will leave skin cleaner, fresher and healthier while reducing the effects of aging, acne and pollution buildup. 

    Detoxifying Masque

    SKU: RD701